Facebook Messenger

I was in a meeting last week where someone had asked my opinion about Facebook Messenger. I had heard a little here and there, but hadn’t done enough research to give them a straight answer other than “I still use it myself and I trust Facebook.” As the CEO of the firm they hired to […]

Using a Key-Pair To Automatically Login with PuTTY

Okay, here’s a little tutorial to teach you how to use a key to log into an SSH server. It’s actually quite simple after I found out how to do it, thanks to this guy. Log into your SSH server using PuTTY. In your home directory (if you don’t automatically go there at login, you […]

Secure browsing and IM with Tor

The first I heard of the Tor network was on this TWiT episode when Xeni Jardin was talking about browsing privately outside (and inside) the US using Tor. We have a very secure firewall at work by one of the better companies in the industry, which blocks certain sites and ports including IM. So, what’s […] interface from fmTuner (modified by me).

Twitter interface from HL Twitter.

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