Sync installed apps with Android Market

Sometimes the Market app on Android phones can get a little confused and not sync up installed applications properly. Maybe it was a corruption, an app, or a crash, but, nevertheless, the damage is done. This affects the My apps of the Market where you can view all your installed apps, look for updates, rate, […]

Quick way to disable tab animation in Firefox 4 with about:config

On Lifehacker, they show a quick and easy way of editing one value in Firefox’s about:config to turn off the animations between tabs. Which, ascetically speaking, it’s quite nice. However, I use Firefox as more of my workhorse browser which I’m developing sites and what not, so ascetics take a back seat. This little fix […]

Secure browsing and IM with Tor

The first I heard of the Tor network was on this TWiT episode when Xeni Jardin was talking about browsing privately outside (and inside) the US using Tor. We have a very secure firewall at work by one of the better companies in the industry, which blocks certain sites and ports including IM. So, what’s […]

HL Twitter

As I’m still making changes to the design of my blog, I wanted a plugin to retrieve and cache my tweets and let me customize the widget without digging into their files. Normally, I create my own widgets for this sort of thing since most widgets you find for WordPress are either coded poorly or […]

Multi-line commands in Windows

In *nix, you can make multi-lined commands using the backslash (\), like this: $ rm -rf \ > file1.txt \ > file2.txt \ > file3.txt$ rm -rf \ > file1.txt \ > file2.txt \ > file3.txt But, that doesn’t work in Windows. Thankfully, someone has already asked the question over at Stack Overflow. In Windows, […] interface from fmTuner (modified by me).

Twitter interface from HL Twitter.

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