Facebook Messenger

I was in a meeting last week where someone had asked my opinion about Facebook Messenger. I had heard a little here and there, but hadn’t done enough research to give them a straight answer other than “I still use it myself and I trust Facebook.” As the CEO of the firm they hired to […]

Holy grail for Dell drivers

I accidentally stumbled upon what seems to be the holy grail for Dell drivers: the backup FTP site (also accessible via FTP). When the main Dell site is down, their servers automatically forward to this server, but, apparently, this server is always live. You don’t have to mess with the mumbo jumbo download managers and […]

kinit: KDC reply did not match expectations

Right now, I’m setting up a Linux file server to join and service an all-Windows environment. Mainly to save a few thousand bucks for my client. One of the roadblocks I ran into was while attempting to get my ticket to join the domain using the kinit program. Since I knew SRV records were correct, […]

Disabling the YUM update daemon

At my bread winning job, I’m working on a project at work that requires a virtual machine of limited resources but runs an application needing gobs of memory and CPU. The load averages hover between 11 and 14, which is not good since this only has a single core assigned to it. One of the […] micro-size Twitter stream hogs

Today,¬†FastCo Design released this year’s best in ux design, which features 14 wonderful websites and devices with beautiful interfaces. (If you have any interest in design, FastCo Design is great! It’s an online publication from Fast Company magazine.) One of the featured websites is, which allows you to micro-size those pesky Twitter stream hogs. […]

GoDaddy’s SOPA Support

As I’m sure many of my techie friends have come to find out, GoDaddy backed the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me since Bob Parsons is probably the biggest douchebag on the planet (right next to Kim Jong Il, who was recently removed from the list due to personal reasons). A […]

Using a Key-Pair To Automatically Login with PuTTY

Okay, here’s a little tutorial to teach you how to use a key to log into an SSH server. It’s actually quite simple after I found out how to do it, thanks to this guy. Log into your SSH server using PuTTY. In your home directory (if you don’t automatically go there at login, you […]

Music by Google

Music by Google is a cloud-based music manager from the folks at Google. Songs from your media library are uploaded to Music so you can listen to them from anywhere. It’s currently in an invitational beta stage (you can request an invite from the site) but it seems like development is going pretty well. Currently, […]

Estimating US Corporation Income Tax in Excel

I recently found myself having to estimate income tax for my U.S.-based corporation. So, I made an Excel formula to handle it for me. It takes the taxable income (you’re on your own for that, but you can reference the IRS’s instructions for form 1120) and puts it against the brackets listed in the publication. […] interface from fmTuner (modified by me).

Twitter interface from HL Twitter.

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