Feb. 27 2011

About me

Hi there, I’m Logan Bibby, as you might have gathered. Right now, I’m sitting down to write the ever important “about me” part of the site. It’s where I can be more self-centered and narcissistic than normal, so watch out, y’all! In my traditional non-traditional style, I’ll write this in first person. Mainly because when I write about myself in third person, it’s bland and I tend to vomit “he” everywhere…


I’m 21 as of this writing and a Gemini. Tuscaloosa, Alabama is where I call home (born and raised), it also happens to be where I currently attend the University of Alabama (roll tide!). Although my mother and I were born in America, my father and both sides of my family are of Germanic origin (a little village outside of Frankfurt). Funny story: my father’s side of the family were soldiers in Hilter’s regime–defecting to America just before the end–and my mother’s side were Jewish (obviously, they lived).

As far as my personality goes, I’m pretty… weird. Atleast for this area. I enjoy studying astrology, various religions (although I subscribe to none), time travel, law, metaphysics, and sleep.

Geek and Nerd Attributes

You can probably consider me a geek. I enjoy programming (high-level languages like Python, PHP, and Perl), web development and design, social media, computers, smartphones (my Droid X is glued to my hand until I get my new Nexus), telephony, and the Internet. My level of nerd is a bit disproportionate to my geek (thanks to a sheltered childhood by preppy parents) but it’s rising thanks to my roommate.

To prove my up and coming nerdism, in the last couple of years I’ve:

  • seen all the Star Wars movies
  • watched the entire Star Trek: the Next Generation series
  • watched the entire Dollhouse series
  • watched the entire Firefly series plus the movie (yes, I cried like a fracking baby)
  • started watching Battlestar Gallactica and Caprica
  • watched the entire X-Files series (and grew overly fond of Mulder and Scully)
  • started playing World of Warcraft
  • started visiting 4chan regularly (for the memes, of course)

Business is my passion (so cliche, it hurts)

The truth hurts, man. Business really is a passion of mine. It’s like ingrained into my very existence. And I love it. You could probably say it started with my parents: my dad’s always owned his own business (he’s a damned good mechanic) and my mom was a mid-level executive at a hospital in the area since I popped out. Even when I was a kid, I was always starting this business or doing that job. Mom would be so frustrated (and terrified of a lawsuit) she’d take every electronic gadget out of my room just to make me stop. It’s the reason I major in business!

At the University, I’m a student of the Culverhouse School of Business and Accountancy (you can call it CB&A) where I’m majoring in business management with a specialization in entrepreneurship and minoring in German. Recently, I applied to UC Berkeley for the fall 2012 semester to major in entrepreneurship since Berkeley has a better focus for entrepreneurs. For the moment, I’m taking a break from academics to start my first real tech company: Keobi.

Keobi is my tech startup where I provide businesses internet-based telephony (commonly known as VOIP) service in a very boutique atmosphere. It’s cheesy mission statement goes like this: “To provide small and medium-sized businesses state-of-the-art, enterprise-grade telephony service through the Internet which is backed by friendly and premium service, affordability, and world-wide availability.” It’s been in the works (more seriously in the last year and a half) for several years and is the work of me alone. Hopefully, I’ll be able to launch and get on with my life within the first quarter of next year. Cross your fingers!

Past Jobs and Excitements

The day I turned 16, I drove my grandmother’s Jaguar (against my father’s will) to American Eagle for a job interview and was hired. I worked there and was promoted to assistant store manager within a month. It started my fashionista stage where I wanted desperately to be a fashion designer and go to Parson’s School of Design in New York. But retail definitely wasn’t my thing, so I quit there a couple months later.

After that, I did a 3 or 4 month tour at the local (and newly opened) Subway making $5-something an hour. I worked along side one of my best friends and for one of the cruelest Sherrie Lewis lookalikes on the planet. After a couple of weeks, she started making me do all the jobs of a shift leader (we didn’t have anything but sammich artists and her) and worked all the football games in this capacity. My aunt, who managed the adjacent gas station, was talking to the owner and he apparently wanted me for the assistant manager job, but I skedaddled before I shoved a sock puppet up her wrong end. I’ve never ate in that place to date.

The spring of the following year I started working as a legal aid/personal assistant to the sweetest upon sweetest of ladies… It’s where I learned of file systems, law offices, and lives of the wealthy Tuscaloosians. It’s also where I learned that philanthropy is okay. It was my favorite job, by far. I ruined it when I started a “real job” in retail (I never learn) at Office Depot.

Instead of diving into my tenure at Office Depot, I want to talk about my days as a freelance journalist. Just before I turned 17, I was published in The Tuscaloosa News with an article about one of my still favorite to-do list managers: Remember the Milk. From there I signed a contract and worked as a freelancer for a year, being published monthly. Probably the coolest year of my life.

Colophon, Inspirations, and Thanks

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Love you always. (March 23, 1965 - November 12, 2011)

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