May. 12 2013

Business cards!

For the last couple months now, I’ve been working on starting my consulting firm. I have a client and I’m getting ready to quit my job to pursue consulting fulltime! (Yeah!) One of the most important aspects of a consulting business is finding (and retaining) clients. And the best ways to do that is through direct solicitation and word-of-mouth referrals.

Both marketing methods are pretty big on being able to pass your contact information around. I’ve yet to design any sort of business card yet (mainly because I’ve been too busy to really even think about any of that) so I’ve just put it off. However, here recently, I’ve missed way too many opportunities to pass my business card out simply because I don’t have one!

Well, no more! Ladies and gentleman, allow me to present the business card of Zentek Group!

Business Card

If you know anyone who needs any sort of IT consulting, well, there’s my contact information! Pass it along!

Colophon. It’s very loosely based off my attorney’s business card from Rosen Harwood. The only fonts used were from the Futura® family — specifically Regular, Oblique, and Heavy. The primary color is #6a7e27 and, since it doesn’t have a name, I’m dubbing it “Green Tea Zen.” The paper will be a recycled linen. A special thank you to my friend Darwin Witt on assisting with color and hue selection! The Twitter bird is a trademark of Twitter, Inc.. The Facebook “f” is a trademark of Facebook, Inc.. The LinkedIn “in” is a trademark of LinkedIn Corporation. Used with permission.

Update! The business cards have come in and here what they look like in print! A little smaller than I expected, but I still love them.
Business cards

Want business cards like mine? I used MOO and so should you! Use my referral link for 10% off your first order.

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