Dec. 19 2011

Oh, hey! New site design!

Good morning, guys! Just sayin’ hey and announcing the fact my new redesign is now live! It’s something that has consumed most of my time for atleast the last month!

This is the design as it’s intended for Firefox and Chrome. I doubt I’ll make it much more friendly toward MSIE, Opera, or Safari. :P So, if you got my friendly “Unsupported Browser” modal, it’s time to upgrade. :)

In the near future, I’ll be making my blog responsive to screen size. It somewhat is now, but that’s only because of my use of percentages and em units. I plan on scaling my font sizes, moving things around gracefully, and all that jazz. So, if you have any good resources, lemme know!

You can see a typography reference here and the colophon in my about me page. :)

If you have any suggestions, a critque, or found a bug, let me know in the comments section!

Dust will continue to settle (hopefully indefinitely) as I find more bugs and respond to any feedback I happen to get. Stay tuned!


Here’s a few snapshots of what it should look like…

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