April 2011

Clearing form values (and putting back the defaults) with jQuery

This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but I’m a n00b to jQuery, so I wanted to try and figure this out on my own. I have a decently simple form where I wanted to put the field name as the default (so it shows up in the field itself). When the user […]

Sync installed apps with Android Market

Sometimes the Market app on Android phones can get a little confused and not sync up installed applications properly. Maybe it was a corruption, an app, or a crash, but, nevertheless, the damage is done. This affects the My apps of the Market where you can view all your installed apps, look for updates, rate, […]

Quick way to disable tab animation in Firefox 4 with about:config

On Lifehacker, they show a quick and easy way of editing one value in Firefox’s about:config to turn off the animations between tabs. Which, ascetically speaking, it’s quite nice. However, I use Firefox as more of my workhorse browser which I’m developing sites and what not, so ascetics take a back seat. This little fix […]

Changing application names in Symfony

It’s generally frowned upon in Symfony to change your application’s name. To be honest, I thought it was just going to be a lot of hassle. Thankfully, it wasn’t and here’s how to do it: First, rename the application directory to reflect your new application’s name. The directory will be in < sf_root >/apps/. In […]

Last.fm interface from fmTuner (modified by me).

Twitter interface from HL Twitter.

Dedicated to my mom, Sharon. May she rest peacefully.
Love you always. (March 23, 1965 - November 12, 2011)

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