February 2011

Setting form values with jQuery

Let’s say you have a form where you put field information in as the default value, like so: <form> <input type="text" name="email" class="cleardefault" value="E-mail address (required)" /> </form><form> <input type="text" name="email" class="cleardefault" value="E-mail address (required)" /> </form> It’s really, really annoying for a use to have to go through and backspace through all that to […]

Adjusting widget order in Symfony

So I don’t have to spend another 40 minutes looking for the answer to this particular answer, I’m posting the two ways (that I’ve found, anyway) to set a particular order to form widgets in Symfony, which is a particularly good PHP web framework with lackluster documentation. Thanks to a guy named Mike at Me […]

Multi-line commands in Windows

In *nix, you can make multi-lined commands using the backslash (\), like this: $ rm -rf \ > file1.txt \ > file2.txt \ > file3.txt$ rm -rf \ > file1.txt \ > file2.txt \ > file3.txt But, that doesn’t work in Windows. Thankfully, someone has already asked the question over at Stack Overflow. In Windows, […]

Last.fm interface from fmTuner (modified by me).

Twitter interface from HL Twitter.

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